About Us



We have been working tirelessly with the understanding of being your Solution Partner in Elevators for nearly half a century to make common living spaces more reliable and provide permanent solutions. Through our founding philosophy, with the experience of our founders who have worked in the sector for many years and our expert staff; we aim to always carry the Elit Asansör brand forward by adopting the principles of trust, quality and success. While keeping up with the needs of the modern age and creating options that will produce solutions for human needs through developing technology, we always prioritize innovation and develop new insights for the sector. As Elit Elevator, which develops step by step in the sector and expands its product range without compromising from high-quality, we have succeeded in becoming a leading company in dealerships of materials establishing the elevator system, such as motors, rails, cabins, doors, buttons, ropes and cables.

With new breakthroughs and strong investments in 2019, we realized our dream of becoming the biggest market of the Southeast with our 10.000m2 closed and 7.000m2 open, 17.000m2 production area in total, and we have always felt the pioneering approach of our founders, the determination of our colleagues and the support of our business partners. As a brand, has been working with the idea of being a self-renewing brand of growing Turkey in international markets, we do not only aim to carry the understanding of our production approach but also the elevator sector in Turkey. We have made a distinguished name through with our achievements in the world markets with our central and telescopic elevator door panels and mechanisms, which we started to manufacture in 2020 under Max Elit Door brand. In order to make these principles sustainable by prioritizing safety and efficiency in our activities, we have accepted international documents and certificates among our main objectives, and we have achieved the highest standards in production with certifications that add value to our international reputation such as TSE, ISO 9001 Quality Management System and CE Certificate.

We have achieved a better place among the exporter brands of Turkey every day by succeeding in bringing in the approach of Your Solution Partner in Elevator in all parts of the World through our high production quality not only proven with certificates and awards but also with the success of our custom-made elevators and replacement parts. Within the frame of our understanding always prioritizing innovation and development, we will not get tired of assuming the role of a seller that establishes a relationship with the end user, not just a manufacturer. We will continue producing projects that will add value to the sector with the sales and project design of elevator materials. We will continue to be your solution partner for elevators…