Our Website Has Been Updated

ELİT ASANSÖR is a company that has been in the business since 1996. It was founded by experienced leaders who aimed to provide innovative and reliable elevator solutions to the market. With a team of skilled and knowledgeable professionals, the company has since established a reputation for excellence in the elevator industry. As part of our commitment to providing the best possible service to our customers, we have recently updated our website to make it even easier for you to learn about our products and services, and to get in touch with us. Our website now features a more user-friendly design, and offers a range of resources and information to help you make informed decisions about your elevator needs. We are excited to continue serving our customers with the same dedication and passion that we have always had, and we invite you to explore our website and see for yourself why ELİT ASANSÖR is a trusted name in the industry.


South East’s Largest Market

At Elit ASANSÖR , we are dedicated to driving the elevator industry forward in Turkey by continually prioritizing innovation and providing fresh perspectives to the industry. With years of experience and expert staff, we have successfully established ourselves as a leading company in the dealership of elevator materials including motors, rails, cabins, doors, buttons, ropes, and cables. Our relentless effort to excel led to the realization of our dream, making us the biggest market in the Southeast. Our success in the global market was cemented by the Max Elit Door brand, which we are proud to have introduced to the world. Our unwavering commitment to innovation and superior quality makes us the ideal partner for anyone looking to incorporate top-notch elevator materials in their projects.

What Should Be Considered in Elevators?

We have prepared Elevator Operating Instructions to provide helpful tips for safe and efficient use of elevators. Elevators have become an integral part of our daily life, but it is essential to be familiar with the proper usage to prevent accidents. Firstly, it is recommended not to allow anyone under the age of 12 to ride the elevator alone. Secondly, when entering the elevator, it is crucial to step into the cabin while facing the doors and not walking backward. Additionally, users should avoid making any distracting movements when entering and exiting the elevator and should not force doors to open or close abnormally.

For cabins without a door, individuals must ensure that they do not stand on the side of the moving door while the cabin is in motion and take measures to avoid contact with the door side wall. Balancing the loads in the cabin and ensuring that they do not slip is of utmost importance. Regular maintenance of the elevator by a qualified elevator maintenance company is necessary to ensure the elevator’s longevity and safety. In case of an emergency, users must avoid breaking the door glass or opening the recovery cover, which can only be opened during rescue operations from the outside. It is recommended to ensure that keys to places like the engine room or rescue hatches are easily accessible by the authorities in case of an emergency.

Moreover, it is important not to keep the buttons pressed continuously to call the elevator and to follow the elevator or maintenance company’s instructions in rescuing people trapped between floors. Lastly, it is essential to prevent unlicensed or untrained individuals from intervening in rescuing occupants or repairing the elevator.